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Surgery, Bible Studies, and Testimonies

Hey Everyone,

This is Andy writing. For those who don’t know, I had a hernia repair surgery here on Jan 31st, and I am recovering very well. It was both a pleasant and strange experience having surgery in a foreign country: the staff was great, but they sent me home with meds and a smile only, so it makes me wonder how others fare after treatment with little to no instructions on after-care.

Mel and I had the priviledge of being trained by our team leader in DBS, or Discovery Bible Study. It’s a simple five-point study that focuses on discipleship and the starting of new groups, and it’s fantastic. I have an opportunity here soon to start a group with some local church planters as well as young Xhosa men at our church. I can’t wait to get started and to form these new relationships based around how God speaks to everyone through His living word.

I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with several people recently who have been dealing with some form of stress and anxiety. It has been amazing watching God set up these conversations and allow me to share not only my own experiences, but to offer help in the form of tools like Transformational Healing (www.healingcare.org) that points hurting people to Jesus. I’ve had a passion for this ministry since Mel and I went through the group in the US. There is so much pain and hurt here, and I would be honored to take part in facilitating healing for people from all classes, races, and financial situations.

Mel and I will be going through a children’s ministry training at our church on 24 Feb. We are really looking forward to jumping in and working with some kiddos here. Our church, Joy to the Nations, has a large population of people from Walmer township. This will be a great opportunity for us to begin working with kids from the township.

The Lord is opening many doors for ministry here and it’s exciting to be able to begin to walk through them. God is good! Please expect more updates as we get more involved in ministry.

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